Lockdown Day 4.

So here we are.

In lockdown.

At home.

Because of it I decided to blow the dust off of my gear and do some indoor pictures… While our kitchen refurb stoped half way -as lockdown happened not even overnight but over 3 hours- I had the tools and bits and bobs the builders left on site with a ‘see you tomorrow morning” and some regular household items to capture… and here we are… from plier to fridge magnet, once again, I had lot of fun. 🙂

These pictures come up as Lockdown Day 3, and Lockdown Day 4.  in separate posts on my Facebook but I didn’t see the point splitting them up, so here we are…

Tamron 60mm f2.

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THE CORPS (Australia – streetpunk)

I am that Ninja 😉


Throughout the years many bands promised to play Rose Tattoo influenced streetpunk, yet The Corps are one of the few bands to live up the promise. Streetpunk attitude, a rock ‘n’ roll guitar sound and an excellent voice are ingredients which make these Aussies one of a kind. Questions were answered by Will (bass) and Bevynn (guitar).
June 2013 – band website


You guys all have a different musical background. how did you guys met and how did you started the band?
Will: Alex, Jordan and I used to play in a really bad metal band, we had no clue what we were doing! Because we weren’t very good it didn’t go well haha. At some point Alex started recruiting people to do a street punk band influenced by English Oi! and after a bit of chopping and changing managed to put together a stable line up, including Jordan. I…

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Aurora hunting / Északi fény vadászat


All right, another unsuccessful night… Emi -the current hero friend of mine- came out with me for Aurora hunting and kept me company for long hours in the boring and cold night at the Dublin Mountain. I was hoping to see the Aurora Borelais, after the Sun produced a huge CME that hit Earth’s atmosphere on 14th of July, and was strong enough to be visible from our latitude. The sky wasn’t with me, the clouds didn’t go away all night, but for a very few minutes the Crescent Moon appeared on the sky with Jupiter and Venus in a bright red color. When we had no more hope for Aurora, because the sky started to brighten up around 3AM, I gave a lift home to Emi, than headed down to the seafront to see the beautiful Mars-Jupiter and Moon conjunction at down… Pictures below, enjoy 😉

Magyar/ Hungarian:

Ok, még egy sikertelen éjszaka… Emi- az aktuális hős- kijött velem Északi fény vadászatra és órákon keresztül biztosított társaságot az unalmas és hideg éjszakán a dublini hegyekben. Reménykedtem, hogy látni fogjuk az Aurorát miután a Nap egy hatalmas CME -t produkált, ami július 14.-én elérte a Föld atmoszféráját és elég erős volt ahoz, hogy a mi földrajzi szélességünkön látható legyen. Az ég nem volt velem, a felhők nem mentek el egész éjjel, de néhány percre feltűnt a Hold a Jupiter és a Mars kiséretében, és szokatlan élénk vöröses színben világított. Amikor már nem volt több remény Aurorát látni, mert az égbolt hajnal 3 körül elkezdett kivilágosodni hazavittem Emit, és lementem a tengerpartra hogy még napfelkelte előtt megnézzem a Jupite-Mars-Hold együtállást…Képek alant