Hyvä Suomi! Hajrá Finnország!

Probably my Swedish friends will disown me for this, but I’m gonna risk it 😉

Ice hockey was close to me since I vas 3 years old. My father and my brother used to play, not surprising I grow up on the ice. Since I was four or so I was there with Dad as often as I could. Sometimes we were very late, came home after midnight from the stadium, but I did not care about going to school sleepy and tired the next morning:-) Being on ice before and after their training, while they showered and got changed was more than worthwhile. One or two person always stayed with me, showed and taught me tricks with the skate and the hockey stick. Within all of my friends and school mates I was the only one who could go backward, “wreathing” to the left and the right, and so on…  It was a great skill, and if I want to be really honest probably the only I had. Seriously, I wasn’t great at anything else:-) Anyway, I haven’t worn skate for many years, probably all my skating skills are gone too, however the love of ice hockey stayed with me. Because Hungary couldn’t make it I was going for Finland. I just love Finland, and finnish ice hockey, so I was really happy to acknowledge that the new World Champion is Finland. All right, I have to admit Sweden did very well too, and the silver isn’t less shiny than the gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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