THE CORPS (Australia – streetpunk)

I am that Ninja 😉

Throughout the years many bands promised to play Rose Tattoo influenced streetpunk, yet The Corps are one of the few bands to live up the promise. Streetpunk attitude, a rock ‘n’ roll guitar sound and an excellent voice are ingredients which make these Aussies one of a kind. Questions were answered by Will (bass) and Bevynn (guitar).
June 2013 – band website


You guys all have a different musical background. how did you guys met and how did you started the band?
Will: Alex, Jordan and I used to play in a really bad metal band, we had no clue what we were doing! Because we weren’t very good it didn’t go well haha. At some point Alex started recruiting people to do a street punk band influenced by English Oi! and after a bit of chopping and changing managed to put together a stable line up, including Jordan. I…

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