Candles for Emily Yap

A very nice lady, Alison Bradley and her friends all around the World are lighting candles to unify the world in positive vibes for Emily.  I have lit a few and taken a photo, I hope it does the job…


Fairy Glen – Tündér Völgy


A few weeks ago I have visited the Fairy Glen in Northern Ireland. It is a spectacular walk along a narrow river, you can really imagine the fairies dancing along it:-) Nearby, just of the walk way was filmed the Narnia Chronicle. No more speak, I let the photos to talk 🙂 By clicking on the image below you can see the whole set in a flash gallery. Finally 😉


Néhány hete Észak-Írországba látogattam, a Tündér völgy nevű helyre. Csodaszép gyalogút egy kis patak mentén, annyira szép, hogy szinte látod a tündéreket táncolni 🙂 A sétány mellett egy nagy park, itt vették fel a Narnia Krónikájának nagy részét, de beszéljenek a képek:-) A lenti képre kattintva látható a többi fotó egy flash galériában. Végre:-)

Fotóblogger játék

Mácsai Ferenc az Egyszerű Blog tulajdonosa megtisztelt minket azzal, hogy megszervezte a fotóblogger játékot. A forduló témája a ritmus. Tetszik ez a játék, így az alant szereplő képemmel én is szeretnék benevezni:-)

PS: Egy prágai macskakő nagyon izgatja a fantáziámat:-)

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This post doesn’t have english relation…


Pannonia Photography-photo blog

Welcome to my blog!!

My name is Reka. It is a historical hungarian name, means river or brook, and because my blog’s name also not usual, I have to explain  few things.  Pannonia is a Latin geographical name. Pannonia’s history goes as high back in the time as stone age. Pannonia is an ancient province of the Roman Empire bounded north and east by the river Danube, coterminus westward with Noricum and upper Italy, and southward with Dalmatia and upper Moesia. Pannonia was located over the territory of the present-day western half of Hungary with parts in Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bosnia&Herzegovina. Back that time Hungary was fifteen times bigger than nowadays.

After all it’s ain’t difficult to guess, I was born in Hungary:-) My hobbies and passion are three things. Photography, floristry, and travel. In early 2007 I moved to Ireland. Since I live here I travelled a lot, won a few floristry competitions, and took many -many  outdoor and some indoor photography.  Mementos  of these are sitting on my hard drive in picture format, so I want to show them to you. Every now and then I will post some photos with few words, not necessarily in time order. Hope you will enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment!