Lockdown Day 4.

So here we are.

In lockdown.

At home.

Because of it I decided to blow the dust off of my gear and do some indoor pictures… While our kitchen refurb stoped half way -as lockdown happened not even overnight but over 3 hours- I had the tools and bits and bobs the builders left on site with a ‘see you tomorrow morning” and some regular household items to capture… and here we are… from plier to fridge magnet, once again, I had lot of fun. 🙂

These pictures come up as Lockdown Day 3, and Lockdown Day 4.  in separate posts on my Facebook but I didn’t see the point splitting them up, so here we are…

Tamron 60mm f2.

#stayhome #lockdown #homephotography #dofporn #staypositive #occupyyourself #seethebeautyotherway #troughmylense #tamrom60mmf2



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